We’re a unique brand firm – following the legacy of hyper-creative boutique agencies under the direction of Chris Power-Gomez, the focus is entirely on lifestyles.

Lifestyles have been the foundation for brands we’ve developed for four decades. We’re pioneers of brand and market-entrance methods anchored by the lifestyle of the target audience.

In the 70s Power-Gomez while producing motion picture brands found by focusing on a customer’s lifestyle, a brand was more likely to be adopted, The time of ‘lifestyle brands’ then came about, when many like Coca-Cola and Nike became brand giants.

Power-Gomez as a brand leader created and launched hundreds of brands. At a time when the customer expects a brand to be an involuntary part of their lifestyle, our foundation and methods have been proven.

2022, the rules to creating and managing a brand have changed. Comprehensive management once in the marketplace has to be a priority. Consumer focus can go from price-driven to culture-driven in an instant. Meaning your brand must see modification visually or verbally that quickly. Brand, Inc. Is the team to manage your brand properly.

We’re a Lifestyles Consultancy

Once again, we’re

bending the

curve… defining

what’s best-


We are success.