Chris Power-Gomez

A premier lifestyle brand creator with four decades of success… global, national, regional, local – experience we pass-on to our clients.

Chris Power-Gomez has experience with nearly every product category, in nearly every marketplace. That’s not an over-reaching statement, but a realistic representation of the four-decades of work behind him. 

D   E   P   T   H       O F       E   X   P   E   R   I   E   N   C   E    For Power-Gomez, the Brand has always been the centerpoint from which all deliverables are a result. It wasn’t until the eighties that the business community accepted Brand as the focus to all communication to the customer; and realized a front-end, a first step to everything was Brand and Brand Communications. 

It’s been a career of education, teaching the importance of Brand strategy and customer alignment. That’s led to customer lifestyles strategies , and the co-existence of brand and lifestyles – with Power-Gomez leading the way.

From his early days in motion picture, television and theater – to decades of managing fortune-five brands for the global agencies… to today, developing brand marketing with Covid 19 relevance; Chris Power-Gomez is in the trenches crafting tailored communication to specific customers for his clients.

The Power-Gomez firm is here, with Brand and Brand Marketing the result of unmatched experience, and unimaginable talent.