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Autolife Magazine is now offered as a Content Marketing Brand Magazine.

Digital Marketing while  having value in lead generation, falls short in regard to nurturing local resident relations. Live leads have also become a popular solution for those in the buying cycle, but carry the same void in local resident relations.

As a Content Marketing/ Brand Magazine Autolife, with postal delivery to select local residents has the ability to offset the problems auto dealerships are having marketing to the local community.


Everything about your Autolife Brand Magazine is created for you; including the distribution which we work with you to determine and build both the postal mailing list, and the local retail drop-off list. Also included is a matching brochure-type website.

Autolife is designed to:

– Build and nurture relationships with local car-buying residents.

– Augment the void in local resident marketing and communications.

– Reach those not yet engaged in the buying cycle.

– Ensure the final purchase is at your dealership.

– Engage & call to action with unique offers and ancillary services.

– Bring people through the doors.

Autolife Content Marketing magazine engages residents with editorial, background, specialties and dealer / manufacturer ads – all targeted at building a relationship with local car buyers. Autolife is distributed to high-traffic local retail establishments and  direct mail to hand selected mailboxes.

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