We’re passionate about baseball –  

We feel baseball should be played with intensity. With heart. With soul. Leave it on the field, do what you have-to to win ballgames.

We train players that feel the same way. We train players to refine the mechanics of their game, to be able to play at an advanced level throughout the season, without injury.

We train players to improve and refine the individual and team aspects of their game. Our goal is to give players a path to continued play, high school, college and professional baseball.

Baseball is led by Josh Power-Gomez. Josh has been part of some very advanced programs and has been trained by the best. As a player Josh played with intensity, and carried a ‘leave it on the field’ mentality. Josh now passes that on in his coaching and training.

Josh, at his young age has experience and talent that most don’t possess until later in years, and many never do – he understands the dynamics of the game and the mechanics of offensive and defensive play. He lives and breathes baseball – he leads with intensity.

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