Chris Power-Gomez is a premier lifestyle brand creator with four decades of success… with the present convoluted, over-saturated brand marketplace, there’s confusion over brand purpose – to simplify we’ve distilled our brand categories into three.

Power-Gomez has been part of some of the world’s most successful brands. Since the beginning he created brands that were so well thought-out they’ve been called brand-centric, brand-loyal, and have spawned foundational programs for brand introduction – known as Brand Marketing.

B  R  A  N  D, brand and only brand. Chris Power-Gomez, having created some two-hundred brands recognized globally, now breaks his brand practice into three areas – each possessing proprietary methods of development and launch. All exclusive, all steeped in purpose and success. 

Brand focus includes:


  • E X E C U T I V E  A brand program developed for LinkedIn’s executive members, designed to augment the deficiencies of the personal brand. A true best practice personal brand, with subsequent industry positioning and career path allow consistent management and personal growth.


  • C O R P O R A T E  The foundation of Power-Gomez’ work since the creation of the new economy – helping business with brand, corporate positioning, business & revenue modeling and brand marketing. Present your most profitable customer with a clear, concise promise.


  • L I F E S T Y L E S The most granular identification and alignment of your target audience. A proven-successful approach to a customer-centric offering branding for three decades. A comprehensive go-to-market methodology supports launch and marketplace positioning.