Create a unique brand experience to drive demand. Companies that invest in delivering exceptional brand experiences and communicating thoughtfully produce positive associations around each customer touch point. In turn, these companies win competitively when the customer chooses their product over the others.

The truth is, when it comes to branding, no two company’s needs are the same. An effective branding initiative must be custom tailored to your company’s critical variables. Wherever your needs fall on the branding spectrum. Whether large or small, your brand exists across a variety of touchpoints, each a distinct opportunity that can be leveraged to communicate your message.

After thirty-five years, with a multitude of companies and products in a variety of industries, through old and new economy; PowerGomez Brand Marketing is uniquely qualified to determine what type of branding approach is best for your company. At Power-Gomez, the branding approach that’s right for your company is taken very seriously and the results will show.

We will differentiate your company and articulate your unique value propositions. We will effectively communicate to each of your distinct audience segments. These are just some of critical variabless addressed when you partner with Power-Gomez.

Our methodology when working toward a brand solution works from a three -point nucleus:

  • Customer
  • Competition 
  • Marketplace

Intel – We begin with a comprehensive internal program, one-on-one with the executive team. A in-depth external  customer research excercise follows, to get a comprehensive understanding of:

  • How large is your customer base?
  • How many unique customer segments do you serve?

Strategy – This is where we (all of us combined) define and position your brand for growth and success.

  • Core messaging
  • Brand personality
  • Competitive advantage
  • Brand promise

These are the foundational elements that are revealed during the strategy phase -Strategy is essential for companies to achieve their goals, particularly those around increased growth or expansion into new markets.

You can make sure prospective buyers, customers, influencers and partners quickly see what your company stands for and what your brand is all about. Over time you build positive brand trust and reputation. And, even better, prospects and customers will turn to you and your products first.


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