With social media being a center-point for marketing and customer acquisition, to be successful a brand must position itself firmly with a targeted customer lifestyle, and promise to giving that customer a voice in adapting value-points as time changes.

Our methodologies for creating brands has always given credence to both ends of the go-to-market principles – we see those principles, even before ‘brand-centric’ and ‘customer-centric’ came-about, as those being taught by Harvard on one-hand (work, work, work, perfect, perfect, perfect… don’t go to market until it’s perfect), and Stanford on the other (establish an entry-level product, introduce to the marketplace, modify with customer input).  This is not new thinking all-though today’s digital leaders present it as such.

Although lean principles (the Stanford principles) to branding and marketing aren’t for everyone, Power-Gomez, in our time-tested branding process (the Clarity program) we meld lean principles with traditional (the Harvard principles) – giving us the ability to adapt our methodology to accommodate each client. Our result will always be world-class branding, with the speed at which we go-to-market with your offering resulting in your level of comfort. We always accommodate lessons resulting from customer input.

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