C  O  R  P  O  R  A  T  E     B  R  A  N  D


Power-Gomez Corporate Brands have power…. real power, measurable power – that’s the goal when developing a corporate brand… elevate corporate equity, keep your eye on marketplace position.


Power-Gomez has specialized in corporate branding for thirty-years. It’s a focus on helping companies understand, craft, measure and leverage the essence of their corporate value proposition, core competencies and key differentiators.

Our approach to corporate branding transforms the way companies conduct business. We use our proprietary methodology to create superior brand intelligence. We analyze critical data that allows us to relate branding efforts to bottom line financial performance.

Consider some of the great brands – Coca Cola, Disney, Ford, IBM and Apple. All very powerful corporate brands. All brands Power-Gomez has been apart of. Immediately when presented with these brands the intended audience knows the brand, and understands the brand. We help teach our clients to construct and leverage their corporate brand. To improve image, reputation and performance.

We devise and construct marketplace positioning, awareness  & launch, and brand marketing program.