Lifestyles Branding

Lifestyles Branding is the core competency of Brand, Inc. Nowhere will you find a more focused effort, with a holistic formula in the creation, engagement and management of a brand targeting lifestyles.

The ability to connect a brand to a lifestyle is not a conjured-up offering… that’s the opposite of the desired result. It’s in Chris Power-Gomez’ DNA. Chris created, with the inception of the new economy (1999) what has been coined ‘The Clarity Program’ by clients; the result of their gaining incredible clarity into their target audience, their competition and their marketplace. Those being the three pillars from which all data and solutions result.

With social media being a center-point for marketing and customer acquisition, to be successful a brand must position itself firmly with a targeted customer lifestyle, and promise to giving that customer a voice in adapting value-points as time changes.

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