Chris Power-Gomez is a brand disciple.

Four decades of brand marketing experience for Global, National, Regional and Local clients – Chris Power-Gomez has been apart of some of the most successful brands on earth.

Since the beginning, he created brands that were so well thought-out that they would be used as a foundation for all activities – corporate communications, marketing, advertising, promotions, public relations and shareholder communications. Today this practice has been called brand-centric, brand marketing or brand loyal; for Power-Gomez it has always been a standard. Not because of industry trends, simply because anything less would be irresponsible.

Power-Gomez Brands tell a story – they allow our clients to show the world who they are, what they offer and how they’re different. They emanate a promise. They help consumers get closer to their lifestyle of choice.

Beyond the brand – our go-to-market and marketing approach partners with key decision makers in your company, and works through a series of exercises that conclude with solutions so well founded in the fabric of your company, your products or services it’s called a ‘success path’. Just walk it…

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