Chris Power-Gomez is a premier lifestyle brand creator with four decades of success… Brand Marketing was, early-on in Power-Gomez’ career simply a result of a comprehensive brand program.

Marketplace awareness – The goal of Brand Marketing is to increase the significance of the product and at the same time increase brand value.


B  R  A  N  D    M  A  R  K  E  T  I  N  G   Brand marketing elements are traditionally only carrying the brand theme, or lifestyles association, not advertising campaign theme. Brand marketing is created in conjunction with the brand development.

Brand Plus Demand Brand Plus Demand is an easy way to understand Brand Marketing. Take the brand’s character, value to target audience and foundational linguistics and present through the initially-determined channels. If your prospective customer doesn’t know your company, or worse, your company value proposition doesn’t resonate with them — it doesn’t matter how savvy your product demand strategy, how great your content or how effective your channel delivery is. You’re not maximizing your impact unless your brand is core to your marketing effort. The brand marketing is the vehicle to drive the brand character, and connect with the target audience lifestyle.

Brand Marketing increases the impact of your product in the marketplace. The brand should:

  • Inform marketing strategies and tactics.
  • Direct how you communicate, and who you communicate to.
  • Lead the design of all visual and verbal elements.

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